Private Session

Private - $111

This personal experience creates an environment for deep relaxation and healing on multiple planes. The receiver's intention is amplified and used as a guiding force throughout this sacred journey. Packages are available at a discounted rate. 

Friends & Family - $150

If you have a gathering of 2-5 people that desire a collective cosmic journey, this offering presents a special occasion to celebrate the sangha of family and friendship. 


Small Groups

& Workshops

Small Groups

Small gatherings of 5-20 people create a potent collective energy. When people come together, a special kind of magic occurs and opportunities for deep work arise. Please contact me to discuss pricing for events of this size. 


Large events, festivals and ceremonies are beautiful ways to celebrate life and experience different ways of being. If you think sacred sound is the spice you're looking for, please reach out to bring this meditative practice to your event.