The Meditative Journey Through Sound

As matter is organized by wave forms and frequencies, we use sound to harmonize all parts of our being.


Resonance is a basic principle that affects all of existence and acts as a blueprint for revitalization. The healing qualities of sacred sound assimilate affirmations and amplify prayers while creating passageways for release to occur. This practice helps raise the collective consciousness, nurture the soul, and heal the physical body. The various tones from sacred instruments aid in achieving balance and reveal our internal harmonic symphony. 


Increase Physical Vitality

When bodily organs and cells become diseased, they are no longer vibrating at their resonant frequency and fail to produce their inherent bio-resonant sound. Sacred sound helps harmonize the rate of vibration and bring the body back to a healthy state of resonance. Meditating with these sacred instruments help to release tension, stimulate circulation, massage the nervous system, and remove bodily toxins. 

Balance Emotional Energy

Often referred as the auric body, our energetic field holds the sum total of our thoughts and emotions. If unexpressed emotions are not cleared, they can cause dis-ease in mind and body. As electromagnetic beings, our thoughts and emotions have a signature sound wave. The vibrational quality of the gong and other sacred tools facilitate the expression of emotional energy, thus relieving stress and creating space for awareness and presence. 



Connect with Inner Wisdom

With a relaxed body and mind, a space is created where we can explore and connect with our true self - our Sat Nam. We are all consciousness in full expression. We are creative life and creative spirit simultaneously. Meditating with sacred sound allows us to connect with our higher self and grow an understanding of this mysterious dynamic. The gong elevates us to a hightened state of awareness, creating a spontaneous meditative state that requires us to simply let go. We train our ego to be a humble servant rather than a oppresive tyrant.