The essence of Sangha is awareness, compassion, acceptance, harmony, and kinship. These key elements are present in healthy and well-functioning communities. Sangha Sound is a conduit for building community. It is a tool for us to align with the most pure parts of our higher self while connecting us with the world around us. By meditating with sacred sound, we are able to assimilate our most heartfelt intentions while regenerating the body.

Brandon Kaysen is dedicated to raising awareness, inspiring passion, creating harmony and spreading love through his teachings and sonic-yoga experiences. His personal practice is grounded in the studies of yoga, zen, and environmental awareness. While Brandon has been exploring spirituality his entire life, he began studying and facilitating sacred sound meditations in 2012. Brandon’s mentor, Sotantar Suraj, inspired his journey into Kundalini Yoga and sacred sound during a vital time in his journey - exposing new pathways toward self-mastery. Brandon is a fellow traveler who is committed to growing a hear-centered sangha through sound. 

While Brandon uses instruments old and young, the use of sound as a healing tool is not a new phenomenon. From the aboriginal people of Australia to Native American Indians and Ancient China, sound has been used therapeutically for thousands of years. As we recall this ancient wisdom, these sacred instruments bring ancestral knowledge into the present moment and help us develop a connection with the creative and sustaining life force of the universe.